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Siraj-Blatchford, J., and Brock, L. (2016) Putting the Schema back into Schema Theory and Practice: An Introduction to SchemaPlay, SchemaPlay Publications

This booklet has been written for anyone who is interested in developing a better understanding of how we can 'seed' free-flow play to support every child’s learning and development. 

We introduce our Zone of Proximal Development Flow (ZPDF) model and provide an explanation for how play really works!

ISBN 978 0 9957626 0 2
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Siraj-Blatchford, J., and Brock, L. (2017) Education for Sustainable Citizenship in Early Childhood, SchemaPlay Publications

The text presents sustainable citizenship as a life-long emergent capability. It distances itself from those who promote dystopian images of the future that may result from either toxic childhoods, or environmental and climatic catastrophes. An optimistic and celebratory approach is provided that emphasises the importance of Sustainable Citizens accepting responsibility for, and taking pride in, their day to day sustainable actions. This model of early childhood education for sustainable citizenship has been developed to support the child in recognising the need for resources to be distributed fairly, and in understanding our interdependence with nature, and with other cultures and communities.

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