SchemaPlay Community Interest Company was founded in 2018 by Lynnette Brock and John Siraj-Blatchford. John has since retired, but his passion and commitment to providing in-service training to early years’ teams continues.  SchemaPlay training respects the complex role of teaching young children: Identifying children’s capabilities and knowing how to respond to them is by no means an easy task.  It requires skillful observation to identify and appreciate what it is that a child is doing and what they might be exploring, and deep pedagogical knowledge to know how to respond – to extend children’s capabilities to new contexts and build upon their capabilities to promote new learning & development. 

It really does matter how we support those who work with young children, so that they can identify what the child can do, affirming their actions – their operational schemes.  This is crucial to supporting their outcomes.  Schemes are applied in everything we do, whether it be cooking, driving, adding, writing, subtracting or measuring, for example.  When we are able to help a child to build upon the schemes that they are keenly applying in their self-chosen free play, we can draw upon them, they are their anchors to open up a breadth of curriculum and joyful, meaningful, learning.

To find out more about the SchemaPlay Accredited Early Years’ Setting Program and to find a local trainer, please see our ‘SchemaPlay Accredited Setting Program’ page. If you are interested in organising more general CPD – 1 or 2 day/evening training perhaps to introduce schemas and schemes to your team and develop observational skills and pedagogical knowledge to respond to your observations, please visit our Early-Years’ Training page. SchemaPlay CIC also offers introductions to SchemaPlay talks/keynotes and workshops for educational institutions.  

Hi, I am Lynnette Brock, Director of SchemaPlay.

During my years of working with young children, with fellow early years’ teaching colleagues, collaborating with parents and later working in higher education with students and colleagues whilst delivering the early childhood degrees, the EYT, the Montessori teacher training course and later joining in research with John Siraj-Blatchford and being on the OMEP-UK Executive, I have had the great privilege of being surrounded by dedicated and committed people who have helped enhance my understanding of pedagogical practice and theory, which continues through seeking out continuous professional development opportunities.

I feel honoured to have had this experience and it was for this reason that in 2018 I co-founded SchemaPlay (TM); with the principle aim of offering in-service continual professional development for anyone working with young children who aspire to develop deep pedagogical knowledge. I believe every child should have access to high quality early years’ education and every child deserves to have an amazing day every day in their early years’ provision.

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Lynnette Brock, 2022

SchemaPlay has had a massive impact. It really has. Like with Alexander. I just didn’t know what he was interested in or what skills he had and now I have been able to really engage him. He has gone from not really taking to anything and totally involved. You know, he is even writing now and recording for a purpose – all just through building on schemes in his play. Louise Mayne

Kings Hill Nursery, Kings Hill Primary School, W.Midlands

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