SchemaPlay Community Interest Company: Early Years’ Specialist Training and Creators of SchemaPlay (TM) Pedagogy

We provide specialist face-to-face and on-line early years’ SchemaPlay Pedagogy (TM) training across England and, from 2022, SchemaPlay(TM) Pedagogy training will also be delivered across Western Australia by accredited SchemaPlay (TM) licensed trainers. Early years’ settings that are based outside England/Western Australia are most welcome to access our training on-line. To request face-to-face training for an early years’ setting, or to access training via Zoom/Teams on-line, please contact We offer affordable flexible training to meet your needs and therefore whatever your budget/time constraints we can design a program. Some of our most popular training workshops are listed below. All our training supports positive parent partnerships:

SchemaPlay (TM) Pedagogy: Balancing choice for children with adult guidance to improve ALL children’s outcomes through free-flow playA Parent Partnership – This training introduces the distinction between a ‘scheme’ and a ‘schema’, and how knowledge of this distinction can help us to tune into children’s self-motivated investigations; supporting and extending them: We address the balance between teaching and play. Through discussion of wonderful case studies, we further explore how careful ‘seeding’ of the environment and timely modelled introductions/provocations to activities, anchored in children’s schemes and schemas, can make a real difference to children’s futures, and their outcomes across the early years’ curriculum, as well as to their self-esteem, their positive experience of transitions and to our respectful and informative shared dialogue with other professionals and parents. Training reference SP5.

SchemaPlay (TM) Pedagogy Accredited Educator & SchemaPlay Accredited Setting Training (2 day course – if preferred, delivered in two different weeks/weekends/evenings) – Children can and do learn through play, as they pursue particular patterns of behaviour, which Piaget referred to as ‘Operational Schemes’. These patterns of behaviour/operational schemes form the foundations to children’s developing knowledge and understanding, and are critical foundations to later complex, sophisticated operations, such as reading, writing, adding, measuring, recording and subtracting.

SchemaPlay (TM) pedagogy training and our setting accreditation program supports early years’ teams to identify schemes in children’s self-chosen free-play; to support and build upon children’s investigations, anchored in their scheme applications (building upon their capabilities), and then to build upon children’s schemes to support new operational schemes, and new figurative schemas. Thus, facilitating further child-led investigations, learning and outcomes across the curriculum. We have great fun exploring the scheme and schema distinction below:

Schema – figurative representation
Scheme – operative (actions)

“English versions of Piaget’s books do not consistently translate the French schème, although most commonly it is translated as schema, so that the above distinction could not easily be articulated” Hans Furth (1969).

“Piaget makes it clear that schemes refer to real operational systems of knowledge and schemas refer to figurative knowledge” Athey (1990).

This training has been developed to support child-led learning and improved outcomes through free-flow play. It is accessible to all adults working within the early years’ and includes resources for your own use within early years’ settings, including staffroom posters and the SchemaPlay ParentZone.

Key topics discussed: ‘Schemes and Schemas’, ‘Free-Play’, ‘Self-Belief’, ‘Self-Esteem’, ‘Empathy/Feeling States’, ‘Flow’, ‘Equality’ ‘Self-Regulation’, ‘Theory of Mind’, ‘Child-Led Investigations’, ‘SEN’, ‘Mathematics’, ‘Language’, ‘Small-World and Role-Play, ‘Collaboration’, ‘Literacy’, ‘Science and UTW’, ‘Learning Outdoors’, ‘Respectful Partnerships’, ‘Sustained Shared Thinking’ and ‘Outcomes’. Training reference SP6.

Schematic Play & Learning: Scheme spotting – This introductory SchemaPlay(TM) Pedagogy training will enable your early years’ team to identify some of the operational schemes that your children will be applying in their play. Your team will also be introduced to the possible investigations that young children might be exploring as they apply their schemes, and how we can support and extend their investigations, which are often mathematical and scientific in nature. Training Reference SP1.

SchemaPlay Pedagogy: Supporting Self-Esteem, Self-Knowledge and Links with Learning – Appreciating that a child who has sound self-esteem is well placed to learn. This training discusses how to create the climate and the conditions to encourage individual children’s involvement and self-belief; fostering a joy of learning and improved outcomes in the early years’. Training Reference SP2.

SchemaPlay’s Seven Steps to providing Schematic Role-Play – Children are social beings whose competences are interwoven with the competencies of others, which often reveals a complex capacity for role-taking. Social, realistic, tasks that enable children to take on a role, in a capacity that their day-to-day life does not normally afford, such as being a builder or a café owner, can foster collaboration, self-esteem and be a great route into extending children’s self-motivated investigations and learning through play. Training reference SP3.

SchemaPlay: Growing to be a good citizen – Although the term ‘citizenship’ is not currently included in the early years’ curriculum in England, it is very applicable in the early years. This is when the foundations for personal well-being, social responsibility, solidarity, care for others and care for the environment are laid. This training provides an insight and practical solutions into to how we can contribute to the future state of human relations as well as environmental care. Training reference SP4.

Contact Lynnette Brock, Director of SchemaPlay:

SchemaPlay host an online ‘Train the Trainers’ course for early years’ consultants/trainers wishing to add SchemaPlay Pedagogy (TM) to their offering. Training resources are provided for your own use and the course is delivered over three half days. If this is of interest, please do drop us a line using the ‘contact’ page and quote ‘Trainers’. Our next trainers course takes place between 10am and 1pm on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of August.

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