Early Years’ Specialist Training and Creators of SchemaPlay (TM) Pedagogy

When we consider the notion of ‘emergence’, emergent learning through free-flow play, explained and discussed in our SchemaPlay training, we appreciate that every child is unique and, in appreciating the unique child, we recognise that every person’s perceptions and actions differ. 

Neisser (1976:53) explains that this is “because no one else occupies exactly his position in the world or has had exactly his history.” and “Although perceiving does not change the world it does change the perceiver (so does action, of course).”

It follows therefore that our personal construct is based on our prior experiences; either what we have performed ourselves or have witnessed/heard performed. Let’s find out how we can value children’s history/knowledge (their figurative schemas) and what they can do (their operational schemes), to foster independence, confidence, self-belief, resilience and learning, ensuring we really do follow the unique child and improve outcomes for all children through free-flow play.

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After engaging in SchemaPlay (TM) training, early years settings can engage in our SchemaPlay (TM) Educator Accreditation and SchemaPlay (TM) Setting Accreditation. Contact: admin@schemaplay.com