Supporting Early Years Teams and Foster Care Agencies

SchemaPlay emphasise a respectful and active approach to learning, which encourages mastery orientation, choice and independence.

Our method supports children’s inclinations to learn and to become contributing and valued members of their community.

This means being aware of children’s operational schemes which, if recognised and supported, will help children to make links in their learning and so provide for continuity: This ensures children develop a sense of personal control and self-belief.

In ensuring continuity of learning we foster children’s deep engagement across the early years’ curriculum and the sustainable development goals.

Well-planned adult stimulus, which includes ‘seeding’ resources and timely adult-guided activities, ‘anchored’ in children’s observed operational schemes, will enable children to dig deep into their experiences. This in turn strengthens their interests, self-esteem and learning.

Nurturing well-being, global citizenship and nourishing learning through free-flow play: Improving outcomes for all children.

To find out more about SchemaPlay (TM) early years’ training, please contact:

We are able to provide a bespoke training package to meet your needs and time availability. Our general price guide for early year’s settings/reception classes in East Anglia:

One day face-to-face training (10.00am – 4.00pm) £280.00 (excluding travel).

Half-day face-to-face training (10.00am – 1.00pm) £190.00 (excluding travel).

Face to face training for a one hour introductory session (in the locality of postcode IP1 – 1P20) £35.00 per hour (excluding travel).

Online training – full day £180.00 (10.00am – 4.00pm).

Online training per hour session (minimum of 3 sessions) £35.00 per hour.

In addition there are freelance independent licensed SchemaPlay (TM) trainers operating across the UK, Europe and Western Australia, who we would be delighted to put you in touch with.

Or visit our contact page.

“If we think of learning as part of growth, and if we are concerned with the quality of growth and fulfilment of growth, we must define our purpose in terms which relate to these ideas and use words which relate to our thoughts. Our thoughts are always imprisoned with the words we use to express them, and we cannot solve a problem if we use the wrong language. We have need to use the language not of building and mechanics but of biology – roots, nourishment, growth – since we are concerned not with machines but with living, growing beings. If we think in terms of how children grow roots, into what they grow roots, and how these roots can best be nourished, we must use words which express such ideas.” Christian Schiller, 1979

After engaging in SchemaPlay (TM) training, early years settings can engage in our SchemaPlay (TM) Educator Accreditation and SchemaPlay (TM) Setting Accreditation.

Nurturing well-being, global citizenship and nourishing learning.