OMEP UK-Kenya Preschool Partnerships Update

A World OMEP initiative to develop partnerships between preschools in the global North and the global South was launched in 2012. This project has been initially piloted between preschool in the UK and in Kenya and there have been notable successes:

The biggest challenge for the UK/Kenya preschool partnerships has been communications, cuddly toys were exchanged between most of the 32 preschools but there have been problems with freight (shipping resources), and also sometimes with the relatively high staff turnover in Kenya. OMEP Kenya have therefore decided they want to add another dimension to the project. The proposal is to develop the project further by promoting preschool ‘teacher in training’ partnerships, rather than just relying on institutional pre-school partnerships. They feel that an advantage of this approach will be that the younger generation of preschool teachers in Kenya are more computer literate (many already use e.g. facebook). The Kenyan students (ITE and CPD) also spend a lot of time in the classroom so there will be good opportunities for developing classroom activities together from the start, and it is hoped that the partnerships will continue when they finish training. It is intended that the project will be launched with events focused around the UN World Day of Social Justice on February 20th – the chosen focus is going to be gender equality and the promotion of positive female role models in the UK and Kenya.

The project is at an early stage but you can see what has been done so far at:

Also note:

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