SchemaPlay Blog 2022 – Meaningful Role-Play in the Early Years

3/10 Confidence is the catalyst to supporting early personal growth, well-being and learning. How do we effectively support children’s confidence in the early years? Join our SchemaPlay (TM) Pedagogy short online workshops this week to find out more.

How we judge ourselves is by how others respond to us!

2\10 Do you ever find that your role-play themes seem not to be working?
Are the children really engaged in their roles?
Perhaps the builder’s yard or the café was played out for a day or two and then it seemed to fail.
When engaged in SchemaPlay the child applies known schemes (operations) and schemas (figurative knowledge) to new contexts. This is what makes play meaningful for a child. It is their ability to make sense of the activity, to see the relationships between what they what they know and what they can do – this is how learning develops.
To find out more about SchemaPlay (TM) and how you can encourage SchemaPlay Pedagogy in your early years’ setting, facilitating children’s full immersion ‘flow’ and learning through free-play, please email

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