About SCHEMAPLAY (2023)

Lynnette Brock is the Director and Co-Founder of SchemaPlay Community Interest Company/SchemaPlay (TM) Pedagogy and co-author of The World Organisation of Early Childhood (UK) Education for Sustainable Citizenship Award.

Lynnette provides training and support to early years’ settings in England, across the East Anglia, and is delighted to collaborate with and has trained trainers across the UK, Europe and Western Australia, enabling SchemaPlay pedagogy to be accessed in these areas. Accredited trainers are required to engage in SchemaPlay (TM) quarterly CPD to maintain their license to train. This CPD ensures that quality and up to date research is delivered. Please do not hesitate to get in touch (using the contact page) to be introduced to an accredited trainer in your local area.

Truly following the child.

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Embedding SchemaPlay (TM) pedagogy into your early years practice.


The above is a short video on ‘anchoring’ children’s learning.

A SchemaPlay Case Study

Watch a short clip on the Zone of Proximal Developmental Flow Model. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=663837544146585