Local Authorities & Education Trusts Training & Action Research

Building upon an enclosing scheme to support counting, exchanging, quantity recognition and collaboration.

SchemaPlay CIC offers in-house train the trainers’ courses to Local Authorities and Education Trusts who are interested in rolling out SchemaPlay pedagogy across their settings. We are currently engaging with Local Authorities and Education Trusts in England and Western Australia.

To cite Cathy Nutbrown (1996: 45) “Wide Eyes and Open Minds – Observing, assessing and respecting children’s early achievements”, SchemaPlay training supports educators to see children and the things they do in the whole context. Our training enables educators to see what exists, not what their professional minds tells them that they should see. This guards against stereotyping and promotes aspirations.

Educators are supported to affirm and respond to children’s achievements and their investigations through our training.

In observing children’s schemes and schemas, a more appropriate curriculum is provided.

We appreciate that children’s operational schemes are the foundations to all learning – emergence is not just related to literacy, but to all learning across the EYFS curriculum. SchemaPlay have mapped children’s operational schemes to outcomes, such as adding, subtracting, reading, writing, and demonstrate through case study training how social skills, such as collaboration and emotional development, including self-regulation and efficacy are supported by truly following the child and building upon their current scheme and schema investigations.

For further information about SchemaPlay, please see our ‘Testimonials Page’ and our ‘About’ page. or contact admin@schemaplay.com

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