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Recent article by Nursery World on SchemaPlay in Western Australia.

SchemaPlay in Nursery World – this is the last article in the 6 month series. Please see the links below to the other articles.

It’s Earth Day! Early Years: A day to reflect on how we in early years’ can support children’s sustainable habits by building upon what they already enjoy doing – their enjoyed scheme applications.

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The containing scheme: A child who enjoys containing might find it exciting to engage in a recycling activity – sorting snack cartons and packaging into relevant bins.  Or creating bird feeders and engaging in wildlife conservation.

The Trajectory scheme: A child who enjoys watching objects move through the air, might find it exciting to engage in bird watching and record (tally) the birds that they have seen visiting their nursery garden and then report their finding to the RSPB. 

Children who enjoy applying a trajectory scheme may be exploring capacity and volume in pouring activities, and therefore might delight in creating rain harvesters to top-up the garden bird baths with rain water (exploring water conservation).

The Transporting scheme: A child who enjoys picking up objects and transporting them from one place to another might enjoy engaging in a community litter picking activity. 

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SchemaPlay pedagogy embeds sustainability into daily practice.  SchemaPlay CIC also promote the OMEP-UK Education for Sustainable Citizenship Award. For further information about SchemaPlay early years’ training, contact

20.04.22 New article on SchemaPlay –

13.04.22 Congratulations to Tops Day Nursery, Prince Rock on your SchemaPlay Educator Accreditation and SchemaPlay Setting Accreditation. For information about SchemaPlay pedagogy, visit

01.04.22 HUGE congratulations to the team at Tops Day Nursery, Corfe-Mullen on achieving the SchemaPlay Educators and SchemaPlay Setting Accreditation.

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