SchemaPlay Licensed Trainers’ Resource Bank

The SchemaPlay Setting Accreditation Trainers 1 and 2 Resources (including training PowerPoints) are provided as part of the SchemaPlay Train the Trainers’ Course. To find out more about our trainers’ course, please email The following additional resources have been developed for SchemaPlay licensed trainers supporting settings who wish to offer additional SchemaPlay CPD to their teams during and post engaging in the SchemaPlay Accreditation Program.

Code: 00SP01 An Early Introduction to Observing Schemes (45 min – 1 hour).

Recorded PowerPoint and multiple choice quiz – This PowerPoint introduces the Trajectory, Containing and Rotating Schemes.

Code: 00SP02 SchemaPlay Pedagogy & Observing Schemes (1 hour)

Recorded PowerPoint & Multiple Choice Quiz. This PowerPoint builds upon 00SP01 and focuses on observing and responding to children’s applications of the Trajectory, Containing, Rotating and Connecting schemes individually and combined. The PowerPoint also introduces ‘flow’, schemes and stories, schemes and small-world play and discusses how schemes link to children’s language development. Our language is embodied!

Code: 00SP03 Applying SchemaPlay in your work with babies and young children.

Recorded PowerPoint and multiple choice quiz. This PowerPoint is a great 1-2 hour introduction to SchemaPlay. Trainers providing in-service evening CPD might find this PowerPoint useful for your first session.

04.01.22 This page will continue to be developed over the next few months. Any SchemaPlay Trainers looking for additional training resources which are not listed above, please contact Lynnette.