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To book onto a short introduction webinar, please use links below. For details of our early years’ in-house training (also delivered online) and our SchemaPlay Setting and SchemaPlay Educator Accreditation, please see our ‘Training Program’ page and contact us –

An Introduction to SchemaPlay – The Beckies Podcast Promotion.

6 October 2022, 7pm A special offer introduction to SchemaPlay – A one hour introductory webinar for The Beckies Podcast Listeners. £10.00 per delegate – delivered via Zoom.


SPOTDEV – As advertised for childminders and early years practitioners.

This scheme spotting workshop takes place on the 5th of October at 7pm for one hour. £10.00 per delegate, delivered via Zoom.


T1: An introduction to SchemaPlay

This one hour webinar takes place on Monday 23 January at 7pm. It is an introduction to SchemaPlay and the session will also provide information on our SchemaPlay Accreditation, delivered by our SchemaPlay licensed trainers across the UK. £10.00 per delegate – delivered via Zoom.


SchemaPlay Activity Ideas Book

Identify children’s schemes in their self-chosen free play (22 scheme definitions/descriptions to support your observations are provided).


Putting the Schema back into Schema Theory and Practice

This book introduces Piaget’s distinction between a scheme and a schema and supports educators to identify both in children’s play. This theoretical book provides case studies to guide the reader to understand how children’s schemes support learning outcomes and that they are the foundations to all learning, including complex operations, such as reading, writing, measuring, etc. This book also discusses the importance of enabling ‘flow’, a necessary social-cultural and environmental offering for children to truly immerse themselves in their play and learning.


The prices listed above are for customers in the UK. For overseas shipping, please contact For customers in Western Australia, please purchase your book above and then click on the postage charge link below and we will send out your book that same day. Thank you for your purchase!

Western Australia additional postage charge per copy of “Putting the Schema back into Schema Theory and Practice”

Due to many requests to send out our theory book to customers in Western Australia, we have added the option for you to purchase the book above and then pay the additional postage charge here.


Registering your setting for the SchemaPlay Accreditation.

If your setting is receiving SchemaPlay (TM) training and you are intending to submit a SchemaPlay Setting Accreditation during 2022 – 2024, please register here. This registration price includes an agreed date for the accreditation, accreditation feedback – a bespoke short video celebrating your journey – the feedback video also provides useful tips for your ongoing SchemaPlay practice. Your SchemaPlay Setting Accreditation Plaque (postage in the UK) and emailed individual educator certificates are also included in this price. PLEASE NOTE YOUR SETTING MUST HAVE ORGANISED SCHEMAPLAY TRAINING TO TAKE PART IN THIS SCHEMAPLAY ACCREDITATION SCHEME.


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