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Do you want to play with me?

This story has been developed as a way to start a conversation about British Values and also themes of respect and inclusion. SchemaPlay are delighted to publish this wonderful story with stunning illustrations. ‘Do you want to play with me’? deserves to be in every early years’ setting.


SchemaPlay Activity Ideas Book


Putting the Schema back into Schema Theory and Practice

This book introduces Piaget’s distinction between a scheme and a schema and supports educators to identify both in children’s play. This theoretical book provides case studies to guide the reader to understand how children’s schemes support learning outcomes and that they are the foundations to all learning, including complex operations, such as reading, writing, measuring, etc. This book also discusses the importance of enabling ‘flow’, a necessary social-cultural and environmental offering for children to truly immerse themselves in their play and learning.


Education for Sustainable Citizenship in Early Childhood Theory Book

By John Siraj-Blatchford and Lynnette Brock


Education for Sustainable Citizenship: Think children’s future today!

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