Kings Hill Nursery, Kings Hill Primary School, W.Midlands

SchemaPlay has had a massive impact. It really has. Like with Alexander. I just didn’t know what he was interested in or what skills he had and now I have been able to really engage him. He has gone from not really taking to anything and totally involved. You know, he is even writing now and recording for a purpose – all just through building on schemes in his play. Louise Mayne

Published by L Brock

Director of SchemaPlay Community Interest Company. My passion and aim is to support everyone working in early years to notice what children are doing and investigating, so that an appropriate curriculum which matches children’s lines of enquiries and capabilities is offered. I would like every child, every day, to have the best day and the best possible outcomes. To find out more about SchemaPlay Pedagogy by SchemaPlay CIC, please drop me a line -

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