Ogley Hay Nursery School

At 35 months Bob had been quiet, withdrawn and rarely engaged in any activities introduced to him. Typically, he was seen playing with vehicles in the small-world area; usually solitary or sitting near to other children, but not engaging with them. Whilst implementing SchemaPlay, a journey we shared with his parents, has meant that , not only has Bob’s self-esteem, skills and knowledge developed, but his parents are collaborating and supporting his schemes at home. One of my colleagues said the other day, “He is a totally changed child!” Alison Hughes

Published by L Brock

Director of SchemaPlay Community Interest Company. My passion and aim is to support everyone working in early years to notice what children are doing and investigating, so that an appropriate curriculum which matches children’s lines of enquiries and capabilities is offered. I would like every child, every day, to have the best day and the best possible outcomes. To find out more about SchemaPlay Pedagogy by SchemaPlay CIC, please drop me a line - admin@schemaplay.com

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