RECENT Testimonials

The Tops Day Nursery Chain:

Fullbrook Nursery in Walsall:,and%20make%20sense%20of%20the%20world%20around%20them.

Young Friends Kindergarden:

Since completing the SchemaPlay training, I feel that as a professional I have enhanced and developed my own personal knowledge and understanding of how nursery children’s confidence, self-esteem and progress can be supported in a child-centred way, as a result of identified schemes and schemas. I have worked in Early Years for 29 years and this course has opened my eyes to a completely different way of observing children’s learning and capabilities. I now feel confident in identifying schemes, in identifying children’s lines of enquiries, their investigations, and my pedagogical knowledge is so much stronger. I am passionate about applying SchemaPlay in practice.” S. Kelly.

Ogley Hays Nursery

“At 35 months Bob had been quiet, withdrawn and rarely engaged in any activities introduced to him. Typically, he was seen playing with vehicles in the small-world area; usually solitary or sitting near to other children, but not engaging with them. Whilst implementing SchemaPlay, a journey we shared with his parents, has meant that not only has Bob’s self-esteem, skills and knowledge developed, but his parents are collaborating and supporting his schemes at home. One of my colleagues said the other day, “He is a totally changed child!” Alison Hughes, Ogley Hay Nursery School

SchemaPlay has had a massive impact. It really has. Like with Steven. I just didn’t know what he was interested in or what skills he had and now I have been able to really engage him. He has gone from not really taking to anything and totally involved. You know, he is even writing now and recording for a purpose – all just through building on schemes in his play.” Louise Mayne, Kings Hill Primary School

“This is a marvelous child-centred approach. Children are flourishing.” Sharon Fergusson, Fullbrook Nursery School.

“We have been on a fantastic learning journey, and we will continue to train the eyes of our team; continuing to strive to improve our practice and to enrich our environment to a high quality. We will ignite the play!” Joanne Morgan and Sophie Gough, Charlie Caterpillars

“In applying SchemaPlay we are seeing children enter into more ‘flow’ in their play, supporting better and more sustained engagement in activities. Children are leading their play, celebrating their learning and we are really following up on their scheme investigations.” Tom Andrews, Sandbank Nursery.